The Best for the Best!

National Transmission Products, commonly referred to as NATPRO, is a well-established industry leader in automatic transmission parts wholesale distribution. With a legacy spanning over five decades, NATPRO was founded by Leo Frumkin in 1973 with a commitment to delivering the “Best for the Best.” Over the years, NATPRO has steadfastly upheld its core principles of providing top-quality parts, exceptional customer service, expert technical support, and a deep respect for its customers’ businesses.

Throughout its history, NATPRO has meticulously selected a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals and industry veterans. Many of these individuals have been with the company for over two decades, contributing to its legacy of excellence.

The NATPRO team takes great pride in being knowledgeable and well-trained, providing valuable insights and information to customers on a range of topics, from OEM upgrades to aftermarket solutions. This added value is increasingly crucial to the successful functioning of rebuilt units, especially in today’s rapidly evolving technical landscape.

Executive Team

David Jerome

General Manager

Bob Bodossian

Technical Director

Lorenzo Trujillo

National Sales Manager

Wendy Merlin

Operations Manager